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"non-suicidal self-injury", "self injury" self injury
Research and support for people who self-injure and those who care for them


This website was developed to provide much needed information about self-injury to people who self-injure and the people who care about them.


Self-injury is a complex behaviour that often remains hidden. Our aim is to 'Shed light on self-injury' by providing accurate information and useful resources, informed by the latest research and clinical experience. Here you will find information on how to identify the warning signs of self-injury, how to respond to people who self-injure, and what to do next. We have also included some resources we hope you will find helpful.


Our team works to learn more about self-injury, to identify strategies for responding to people who self-injure, and to understand the knowledge and training needs of others in response to people who self-injure. We are interested in hearing your ideas about information and resources that we could include on our website. Please contact us with your suggestions.

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